Photo by Trina Benson

Photo by Trina Benson


Idaho businesses and communities are made stronger by our magnificent outdoor spaces. Business rely on Idaho's outdoors to attract and retain talented professionals within our state. Employees are recruited to Idaho, often for less pay, from large cities and other towns across the nation with the promise of a better quality of life.

Please join your business name with IBO's coalition as we support research, education, advocacy and policy to help preserve public lands and our outdoors for generations of Idahoans.

Businesses can join IBO at a Charter, Corporate or Sole Proprietor membership level. Typically, the CEO/Owner, or a senior leader, acts as the IBO contact for the business.  IBO will monitor and keep this contact person apprised of important news and policy developments that impact our outdoors, public lands, and outdoor access. 

IBO is a registered 501(3)3 nonprofit organization, making your membership a tax deductible contribution.

Charter Membership $10,000
Corporate Membership $5,000.00 (More than 200 employees)
Sole Proprietorship Membership $250
Individual Membership $250
Nonprofit Membership $250